Eliminate the Toxins (2011)

  • “The most underrated Canadian album this year is also the best.” (Michael Barclay, Radio Free Canuckistan)
  • “The top spots on my [Polaris Prize] ballot went to Mark Davis, Leonard Cohen and Kathryn 
 Calder, who I think made the best Canadian albums during the current Polaris period.” 
 (Michael Barclay, Radio Free Canuckistan)
  • “Bloggers seem to love telling you what their Polaris picks will be (guilty!), but without a doubt, this will be my number one in next year’s race.” (
  • “I can’t imagine too many bands rallying to knock Eliminate the Toxins from the summit of 2011’s Canadian roots mountain” (
  • “Mark Davis is one of the most underrated songwriters in the world” (Michael Barclay, Radio Free Canuckistan)
  • “[Davis’] inscrutability deepens with these new songs. Grandiose… blissful and hypnotic… heartbreaking.” (Exclaim)
  • “a study in gorgeousness” (SEE)
  • Mark Davis is a songwriter with staggering depth of emotion. He’s not always easy to fathom, but he never fails to lay it all out there for those discerning souls who care to try.” (Exclaim)
  • “Must-hear stuff” (
  • “immediately affecting songs, with a melodic gift worthy of any of the greats; every song here sounds like a modern classic” (
  • “an emotional tour-de-force” (
  • “Perfect production, timeless songs. Eliminate the Toxins may be full of ghosts, but you’ll want these songs to haunt you for a long, long time.” (
  • “Eliminate the Toxins is the best record to come out of Edmonton this year.” (
  • “Lovely. Catchy and intriguing. Original and brave work” (
  • “Edmonton’s best songwriter. Compelling and arresting” (The Recluse Show)
  • “Davis successfully combines the comfort food of Canadiana roots rock with spooky, spell-casting in ways that few artists other than Daniel Lanois even attempt.” (
  • “These songs wouldn’t sound out of place on Iron & Wine’s latest if Sam Beam rocked a little harder.” (Red Deer Advocate)
  • “a more country sounding Sea Change (Beck), but better” (Alt Country Tab)
  • “Mark Davis is back with another CD that puts his mark on the burgeoning Canadiana genre.” (
  • “These songs wouldn’t sound out of place on Iron & Wine’s latest if Sam Beam rocked a little harder.” (Red Deer Advocate)
  • “Mark Davis has been reshaping the game for years. With the release of his third LP, Eliminate the Toxins, Davis is showing that the term roots is a mindset and attitude, not a formulaic sound.” (
  • “Davis is the rare artist who can channel catharsis from morbid material, whose emphatic voice offers hope and embraces survival.” (
  • “This is not your father’s roots music, but it is mine.” (

Mistakes I Meant to Make / Don’t You Think We Should Be Closer (2007)

  •  “one of the most underrated songwriters in the world” (Radio Free Canuckistan)
  • “stunning” (UNCUT Aug 2007)
  • “a two album tour de force” (Penguin Eggs)
  • 5/5 – “each easily qualifies as the roots release of the year” (Eye)
  • “truly a work of genius” (
  • “stunning tours de force…there is simply no denying the poetic power of this double 
 whammy. Critics are promiscuously dishing out four- and five-star ratings for them but 
 you can safely believe the hype” (Exclaim!)
  • “one of the most beautiful songs of the century” (Le Cri Du Coyote on “By the Time”)
  • “the singular most baffling obscurity of 2007. This would even give Nick Cave the chills. Five-star reviews here” (Radio Free Canuckistan)
  • “tough, intense, introspective and impossible to ignore” (Uptown Magazine)
  • “two stunning solo albums” (Edmonton Journal)
  • “deliciously doomy” (UNCUT Nov 2005)
  • “the Louis L’Amour of troubadours” (The Manitoban)
  • “a gifted songwriter…profoundly moving and genuinely soul stirring” (FFWD)
  • “a low key triumph” (Americana UK)
  • “a minor sensation…one of those surprises that make you so happy when they occasionally hit you” (Trots Alt)
  • “a thoroughly modern piece of folk music” (See)
  • 8/10 – “showcases a lyrical talent…the articulate product of an interesting man” (Americana UK)

The Gradual Moment (2000)

  •  “a glorious life-affirming musical and lyrical statement…proof that the deeply personal can be magically 
 universal” (Exclaim!)
  • “an impressive and moving achievement…in the same ballpark as Lou Reed and John Cale’s brilliant and 
 insightful tribute to Andy Warhol, Songs for Drella” (the Georgia Strait)

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